Deux Furieuses at The Water Rats

Deux Furieuses’ huge visceral rock sound pins you to the wall. Their thrilling residency at The Water Rats in London has seen them dubbed “The half way point between PJ Harvey and the White Stripes”, and founding member of PJ Harvey, producer and drummer Rob Ellis, was checking them out at their most recent gig. The next Deux Furieuses show is on 2nd May.

Deux Furieuses left plenty of audience members open-mouthed - all that sound from just two people?

Weapon of choice for guitarist and singer Ros is a Hagstrom D2F Deluxe, into a Marshall JVM 410 amp. She got a huge range of tones out of just one guitar.

Vas played fast and furious on a Remo Quadura kit with Zildjian cymbals, and delivered plenty of vocals too.

Catch them if you can!