Imogen Heap’s Mycelia Tour Exhibition Preview

Imogen Heap’s Mycelia project launches its World Tour at Music Tech Fest in Stockholm this week and they are looking for music-makers around the world to be Beta testers of the Creative Passport.

Imogen Heap

Mycelia Creative Passport

The passport is a one stop shop which allows everyone to access data verified by music-makers themselves, and is designed to help create a new fairer ecosystem and marketplace for musicians and producers. Mycelia is hosting change maker forums across the world where music-makers can have input into the development of the Creative Passport. Sign-up here.

Imogen Heap and the Mycelia team held a preview of their Mycelia Tour Exhibition at Somerset House in London ahead of the tour launch at Music Tech Fest in Stockholm.

The Creative Passport is central to the project - and Imogen showed it as a physical representation, but it will be in digital form finally, linking in to other apps and services.

Mycelia Creative Passport app design

Blockchain technology

It is being developed as a peer-to-peer verified app in collaboration with ethical music streaming cooperative Resonate.

Imogen said:

If we can grow this from the ground up using peer-to-peer networks, we can grow something incredibly powerful. We are trying to get as many music-makers as possible, see how they verify one another, and get them to own that space.

The Creative Passport will use blockchain technology, including ‘smart contracts’, for speedy direct payments to music-makers.

mini mu glove components

VR and Gestural Controllers

The Mycelia world tour will tavel to over 40 destinations, and features Imogen, Frou Frou and Guy Sigsworth in performance, plus workshops, including for kids, and an exhibition.

There’s stunning work from Imogen Heap VR - a social virtual reality concert experience that invites the fan into her private creative space. It’s both beautiful and moving.

Prototypes of the gestural controllers mi mu gloves designed by Imogen and the mi mu team are on display, and also the new mini mu prototype - a customisable felt gloves kit version for children developed by Helen Steer.

You can get hands on with Mycelia including music-making with Imogen’s Box of Tricks virtual instruments software with SonicCouture, and also make sounds with lo-fi instruments. Plus explore the Mycelia partner organisations that form The Rockpool and include MPAL project management, Streemliner interactive music credits, and VIP fan channel SupaPass.

Mycelia exhibition

  • A Mycelia Lab is in progress at Music Tech Fest and the exhibition opens to the public on Friday 7th September until 9th September - the public days of MTF. Tickets and more info here.

  • Imogen also performs on 8th September with Frou Frou and Guy Sigsworth at Göta Lejon, Stockholm.