Latest fold up V-Drums from Roland - TD-4KP

Can you fit a gig-ready drum kit in a bag? Roland say yes, and we got them to prove it. Their new electronic TD-4KP is aimed at established drummers who want to use their own kick pedal, and have a flexible and portable kit.


Kit News

The TD-4 sound module is the brain and has 125 instruments and 25 pre-configured kits. You can edit the sounds and there’s an onboard Rhythm Coach for practising. The cymbals are adjustable and chokeable and the idea is that you can use the kit for backstage warm-up, for rehearsals, or gigs where space is limited.

There are eight pads - kick, snare, toms x3, hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals and there’s an FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller included. The snare and tom pads feature cushioned-rubber surfaces designed to be quiet to use with a natural playing feel, and you can get extras such as mesh-head snare pads, to customise the kit.

The quick release parts are designed to let you fold it up really fast. We set the Roland UK Drums and Percussion Product Manager Jules Tabberer-Stewart a challenge - to do it right in front of us - and reckon it took about a minute, thanks to the rotating hardware attached to the stand. He’ll have had plenty of practice of course, but it’s still an achievement.

Once it’s folded up you can carry it off in a bag. At 12.5 kg / 27 lbs 9 oz it’s half the burden of a medium sized tube amp. You won’t quite be skipping down the road with it, but it certainly counts as super portable.