Music Tech Europe launches

An exciting new pan-European organisation Music Tech Europe launched at Linecheck in Milan, setting out to build an innovative music tech ecosystem.

Turo Pekari (Music Tech Finland) & Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (IMMF), Music Tech Europe launch - photo Stefano Bosatelli

The inspiring launch brought together innovators, creators and entrepreneurs from many different countries and music tech organisations to talk about the new venture, their work and their ideas on how to make music and tech grow.

Anna Zò from Music Tech Europe and Music Innovation Hub in Italy told us:

For several months we have been working with Music Innovation Hub and the network of European hubs dealing with music, technology and innovation to get to this moment.

Music Tech Europe was born as an independent European network of non-profit organizations with the mission to create a one-of-its-kind ecosystem of music-tech innovation in and from Europe.

Anna Zò (Music Innovation Hub) - photo Stefano Bosatelli

We are happy that MTE was launched during Linecheck, a meeting point for many professionals and projects who see the cooperation between music and technology as a fundamental value for the music sector and a central asset for the competitiveness of the European music ecosystem.

There’s a detailed MTE Manifesto which sets out a broad sweep of aims and objectives, from innovation programmes and test beds through to policy, education and hackathons.

Yvan Baudillet & Roberto Neri, Utopia Music - photo Stefano Bosatelli

Speakers included Yvan Baudillet and Roberto Neri from Utopia Music, Claudia Schwarz from Music Tech Germany, and Helienne Lindvall the songwriter and The Ivors Academy Board Director.

Helienne Lindvall (The Ivors Academy) - photo Stefano Bosatelli

Newer music tech entrepreneurs from the JUMP EU Music Market Accelerator scheme also featured at the event, including Miguel Gutierrez who talked about his Storigins AR startup, plus Claudio Vittori and Elise De Bres of Flower of Sound, and Majdi Rabia from Fairphonic. Kitmonsters’ own Terry Tyldesley, who is a JUMP EU tutor for 2021, also spoke briefly to congratulate the Music Tech Europe organisers.

Dino Lupelli (Music Innovation Hub) & Terry Tyldesley (Kitmonsters) - photo Stefano Bosatelli