ReVu Video Editor App

It promised a lot and delivered even more - the ReVu Video Editor app launched to massive acclaim, even from an audience of cutting edge musicians and technologists. It gives you quick fix video editing for iPhone, iPad, and GoPro cameras, and Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) was one of the Beta testers.


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Scanner - pic Terry Tyldesley

ReVu App - video quick fix

Creating video is a vital part of being an artist, whether you are recording performance clips, studio teasers, or documentary style footage. Clips are often shot on phones, as well as GoPro cameras, and musicians such as Emika have shot whole music videos on their mobiles.

It’s all too easy to make mistakes though - whether it’s a thumb in shot, filming something the wrong way up, or getting GoPro footage with extreme curves. ReVu lets you fix all that easily and even includes an option to zoom, pan, and create tracking shots.

We tried it out on some heavily treated video of Scanner, to create a close-up shot, and found it really easy to use with very intuitive controls. At Kitmonsters we reckon it’s a must have!

Zooming in on Scanner

Corrections in real time

London startup Software Optics launched the ReVu app at Google’s Campus London, with a performance from Scanner, and talk by Ghislaine Boddington.

Software Optics Co-founder Simon Kentish had a blunt message, “Sixty hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the majority of it is rubbish!”

Describing how ReVu works, he said, “Corrections are done in real time using a very clever mathematical algorithm, that we are very proud of. You can zoom in and create new video. We are gamifying video editing”.

The app uses the gyroscopes in your phone, and the Software Optics team filmed the audience and did an instant demo, zooming in on the back row and creating a new piece of footage. They also edited an existing piece of footage to create a high quality tracking shot of someone walking across a road - really impressive stuff.

We gave it a quick test on some footage that had been filmed the wrong way up and the controls were very easy to use to create a new piece of video.

The Software Optics team sees ReVu as ideal for for GoPro enthusiasts, who can remove the fisheye effect and showcase skateboarding, surfing or cycling across their social media channels. GoPros are increasingly used by musicians too, sometimes attached to instruments and performers for live show and music video filming.

The app is free to download, but you need to purchase credits, or a £4.99 unlimited plan, to export without the watermark.

As part of the launch event, Ghislaine Boddington from body>data>space, Women Shift Digital and FutureFest gave a fascinating future-focused talk about video, telepresence and social robotics.

She was followed by Scanner who described some of his amazing experiments in sound ranging from cassette tape through to albums, intricate location and product sound design, and ballet scores.

He went on to perform a powerful set with hypnotic visuals he’d created, striking deep, and evoking different worlds.

Scanner - pic ReVu

Revu Specs

ReVu is free to download, with in-app purchases that remove the watermark on your exported videos and allows more video exports. The ReVu video editing app’s suite of features will help enhance the in-built features of Apple’s cameras, offering complementary video editing capabilities. ReVu’s top features include:

Picture-in-picture zoom preview:

• GoPro decurving

• Landscape video from portrait video with zoom

ReVu allows you to:

• Adjust the crop “on the fly” as the video plays, using pinch to zoom and motion/touch to pan.

• Trim video, record, replay and edit all interactions.

• Export zoom, pan and trim interactions to a new landscape 1080p HD video.

• Import GoPro video with iTunes file sharing or the Camera Connection Kit to remove fisheye lens distortion.

• Convert awkward vertical videos to landscape.

• Use the ReVu video extension to edit videos from within the ‘Photos’ app.

ReVu is compatible with all supported iOS videos and also straightens fish eye distortion in GoPro videos.