She Makes War - I Want My Country Back

She Makes War’s Laura Kidd has released a new ‘people-powered’ video to go with her amazing protest song ‘I Want My Country Back’. She’s created something very special - a hard-hitting tune, dripping in riffs, that’s an ear-worm and uplifting.

As the UK general election approaches, She Makes War (AKA solo artist Laura Kidd) jabs a lyrical finger at the British government, mainstream press and institutionalised bigotry. With scathing lyrics and searing guitars, this heartfelt protest song roars with irony and rocks with shout-along melodies.

So let’s make Britain great
Get your fake news from the Daily Hate
Close your eyes - let them feed you to the wolves
You deserve it

‘I Want My Country Back’ is an unapologetic rallying cry that rails against the deafening rhetoric of ‘the other’ peddled by the popular press and calls for compassion.

Laura says:

“I’m so tired of the racist, xenophobic nonsense we’re pelted with daily, particularly in relation to the international refugee crisis and immigration in general. The song’s title and chorus twist the phrases we’ve heard so much in recent times away from the right wing, send-them-all-home mentality towards encouraging people to have compassion for those from other backgrounds, and to consider sharing the great privileges we enjoy just by accidentally being born in this country.”

Laura asked people to contribute to the video and says she was amazed at the response, changing her plans as a result!

“When I recently invited people to send in videos of themselves holding up angry or compassionate slogans, I never expected such an incredible response. I was hoping to add a few clips to the footage from the official video shoot, but when they came flooding in it was clear they’d need their own video!

I invited people to participate in the video because the song isn’t about me - everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, in the same way that everyone’s vote should be respected. The video is a who’s who of excellent people - see who you can spot!

I released the song because I feel it’s so important to share these sorts of messages in these uncertain times. We may feel unrepresented by the people in charge, but we can still care for one another and find strength in compassionate numbers.”

  • ‘I Want My Country Back’ is available as a free download until 8th June to encourage sharing and in the spirit of protest. It can also be streamed from all the major platforms.