Godin Multiac Nylon SA Kit

Acoustic electric with synth access

Tanglewood Sundance TW47 Kit

Professional compact electro-acoustic

Raimundo Guitars 660E Pro-Blend Kit

Cutaway electro acoustic

Sound For Health Jew’s Harps Kit

Varied toned harps from across the world

D’Addario Phosphor Bronze Strings Kit

Warm, clear and well-balanced acoustic tone.

Shruti Box Co Uk M1 Shruti Box Low G Kit

Portable instrument for a drone sound

Rotosound Jumbo King Kit

Acoustic guitar strings with warmth, clarity and sustain.

SWR Amps Strawberry Blonde Kit

Versatile acoustic amp

Yamaha CPX 500 Guitar Kit

Slightly smaller electro-acoustic guitar.

Freshman Guitars FA 500D Kit

High end dreadnought acoustic

Taylor Guitars T5 Hollowbody Kit

Acoustic and electric features, huge range of sounds

Martin Guitars D-15 Kit

Mahogany acoustic with bright treble tone

Yamaha APX-4A Kit

Performance-level acoustic-electric

Hohner AirBoard Kit

An updated version of the Melodica, with a flexible mouthpiece.

Faith Guitars - Eclipse Venus Concert Kit

Sleek electro-acoustic guitar, well suited for live performances.