The world’s third largest manufacturer of metal percussion such as cymbals and gongs, Paiste have been making people’s ears ring since 1906. Various innovations in cymbal manufacture such as unlathed cymbals, flattened bells and a patented bronze alloy developed specifically for use in cymbal-making have made them popular with drummers in legendary bands such as Iron Maiden, System Of A Down and The Jam.

Paiste 24” Giant Beat Ride Kit

Classic beat ride sound

Paiste 18” Signature Full Crash Kit

Versatile crash with even range, and sparkle

Paiste 13” Hi-Hat 2002 Series Kit

A lively hat with a sharp, pronounced sound and a medium volume.

Paiste 802 14” Hi Hat Kit

Cuts through the mix and versatile in different situations

Paiste 18” Dark Energy Crash Kit

Power, smoothness and sensitivity

Paiste 20” Ride 2002 Series Kit

A medium heavy ride with a balanced and lively sound.

Paiste 20” Crash 2002 Series Kit

A medium volume crash with a washy stick sound and a medium sustain.

Paiste 17” Crash 2002 Series Kit

Classic rock crash sound