Shure Incorporated is an American company founded by Sidney N. Shure in Chicago, Illinois in 1925 as a supplier of radio parts kits. The company became a consumer and professional audio-electronics manufacturer of microphones, wireless microphone systems, phonograph cartridges, discussion systems, mixers, and digital signal processing. Shure produces studio and listening products, including headphones, high-end earbuds and personal monitor systems. Its SM58 is the iconic rock microphone.

Shure KSM9 Condenser Vocal Microphone Kit

Versatile cardioid dynamic mic

Shure SM7B Kit

Studio cardioid microphone

Shure SM57 Kit

An industry-standard instrument microphone, sometimes used for vocals.

Shure ULXD14 Kit

Digital wireless bodypack transmitter and receiver.

Shure ULXD24 SM58 System Kit

Digital wireless SM58 microphone and receiver.

Shure SM58 Kit

An industry standard dynamic vocal microphone.

Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Mic Range Kit

Vintage design with contemporary audio upgrade