Deux Furieuses, Mourning Birds, Dana Jade @ Alleycat

With three bands fast carving out a name for their blistering rock, Rocklands TV put together an amazing bill at Alleycat in London’s Denmark Street. Deux Furieuses, Mourning Birds and Dana Jade made for an incredible evening.

For anyone who says there’s not enough great new music around - you’re looking in the wrong places. This basement venue in London’s famous ‘Tin Pan Alley’ could barely contain the sparks set off by three bands who will surely be sending crowds wild at next year’s festivals.

Deux Furieuses Terry Tyldesley

Deux Furieuses

This thrilling duo with machine gun drums just keep getting better and better. Their debut single Can We Talk About This beats you into submission from the very first bar, and it was great to hear a jaw-dropping version live.

Singer Ros gets a mammoth sound out of one Hagstrom D2F Deluxe guitar and a Marshall JVM 410 - you’d think there were at least three. Vas is astonishing on drums and vocals and gave the headline set tons of attack.

XFM radio have made the single their ‘Xposure big one’ and with an album in the pipeline, Deux Furieuses are going to have a fast and furious year.

Mourning Birds Terry Tyldesley

Mourning Birds

Fast making a name for themselves with their take no prisoners garage rock, this Medway band are one of the new crop of Kent bands punching through, and like Slaves, are sure to rise high.

Jimmy Gilder’s guitar acrobatics make his Fender Jaguar scream, and Bill Williams on bass, and Sam Mitchell on drums complete the gloriously punishing sound.

We’ll be watching out for their debut album too.

Dana Jade Terry Tyldesley

Dana Jade

Dana Jade’s killer sound fuses rock, punk, and Trinidadian style with some amazing stories. She Or I Go is a tune that will lodge in your head, not least because it’s about a threesome, and a perfect singalong live. Her MIA ‘Galang’ cover, featuring lashings of Fender Strat, really showcases her unique style, and she could easily command MIA sized stages of her own.

Featuring Cara Bunty Jefferies on bass and Zel Baterista on drums, the trio were a powerful opener.