iRig 2 - Live tested

You The Living - by Terry Tyldesley

iRig 2 - a new zenith

Since the original iRig’s release, my life has been changed by these weird little gadgets. My conversion from vintage amp fanatic (I have a Fender Bassman that I love dearly, but it lives at home now) to digital devotee was catalysed by my Dad.

Knowing that I had reached a creative dead-end following the dissolution of my previous band, he provided me with an iPad and an iRig, just to see what I’d do with them. I could never have estimated just how huge their effect would be on me.

I created You The Living’s first album with the iRig, and the iRig Stomp streamlined our live performances. Having rigorously tested the iRig 2 at YTL’s most recent live shows and during the recording of our second album, I can say without hesitation that IK Multimedia have reached a new zenith; this may indeed be their finest iOS guitar recording device to date, if only their most refined.

iRig2 - Kitmonsters

Particularly useful if you want to run a “dual amp” setup

Its feature set sits somewhere between the plug-and-play simplicity of the original iRig and the no-compromises functionality of the Stomp, yet the iRig’s compact form factor is retained. If you’re lacking pedalboard real estate, I can safely say that I didn’t miss my Stomp much, save for the extra mute switch.

This is getting a little Gearwire (shall we have a read through the warranty card?), so I’ll get to the fun part. I grabbed my Fender Jaguar HH, plugged it into my pedalboard, and ran straight into GarageBand on my iPad through the iRig 2. There’s no lag, and much less noise than its predecessor.

iRig2 - You The Living

The gain control on the side is a welcome addition, as is the bypass switch, if you’re running into an amp (make sure it’s switched on, though - I spent my first gig with this thing wondering why my guitar sounded like bees). This is particularly useful if you want to run a “dual amp” setup, where you run a dry signal into an amp, simultaneously running your iOS device into a PA, or whatever. As such, there’s a lot more to get your teeth sunk into than its predecessor.

iRig2 - Kitmonsters

Your key to a whole new world of sounds

Of course, unlike a “real” amp, it’s a lot easier to fit this little thing into your pocket with your phone than it is to lug ONE massive amp to a show, let alone the smorgasbord of amp simulations and sounds that are at your fingertips, and in your pocket.

I was previously afraid to explore digital amp simulators because the methods of connection seemed so complex, or just sounded awful. Luckily, the iRigs are so simple that it’s just like plugging in an extra bit of cable - it really is as easy as that. There isn’t much to say about the iRig 2 itself, but rather what it allows you to do.

From recording guitar silently to processing your sound through apps, consider it your key to a whole new world of sounds.

  • Aidan James Stevens is the vocalist, guitarist, synth player, programmer and composer of You The Living. Debut album, “XXXI”, is out soon.