NAMM - SoundStage VR

SoundStage VR is an innovative music instrument sandbox built specifically for room-scale virtual reality. Portrait XO interviews inventor Logan Olson.

SoundStage VR

SoundStage has been making waves - it’s an exciting music instrument sandbox designed for creating in big environment virtual reality. It’s aimed at everyone from a professional DJ creating a new sound, to a hobbyist who wants to rock out on virtual drums, and comes at a very accessible price.

It has a range of motion-controlled VR instruments including drums, modular synths, samplers, and sequencers. You can hook up your sounds to the electro-maracas, drive your keyboard with a 3D theremin, and more.

SoundStage is available on Steam Early Access and Vive, for the HTC Vive, and works with Windows and PC. It’s priced at $9.99 / £6.99.

Portrait XO tries out SoundStage