Natalie McCool at The Lexington, London

We caught up with Natalie McCool when she played The Lexington in London. We interviewed her a little while back and it was great to see her latest live set.


Natalie told us her debut album is coming out in Spring on Hubris Records, Steve Levine’s label. She’s got an amazing voice and writes dark, edgy pop songs such as current release Dust & Coal. She played a powerful set to a packed venue, including some of her recent singles such as Fortune, and Thin Air - which had the legendary Bernard Butler guesting on the recording. She’s been getting plenty of radio play in the run-up to the album release.

Natalie was finger-picking on her trusty Yamaha CPX 500 guitar. She plays Vintage and Fret-King electric guitars too but for this gig was playing a stripped-down set as a three-piece rather than the usual five-piece, and chose an acoustic guitar sound.

Lucy Styles was great on drum and percussion, and Joe Danher added both crunch and subtle depth on his Fender Stratocaster, with pedals including a Blackstar HT-Dual and a Digitech Whammy.

Natalie’s guitar was plugged into one of the ultra compact Yamaha THR amps. We hadn’t seen one used for a gig before, and Natalie got a great sound out of it.

Natalie’s pedals included the Danelectro Milkshake Chorus, and Boss Digital Delay DD-6.

Next up were Josh Flowers & The Wild who were launching their new video The Cold. We’ll be blogging about them very soon.