The Fresh & Onlys - Free Track

Great filming with Tim Cohen and Shayde Sartain of The Fresh & Onlys today when they were in London. The San Franciscan musicians told us about some pretty interesting kit and plenty of funny stories. From pawn shop specials to beaten up guitars, we were gripped.

Who knew that San Francisco itself also plays a starring role in their music and their attitude, especially its dark, foggy, scary, rancid side? Though they love it really!

The bad-ass Bay Scene garage band have signed to Souterrain Transmissions and will be touring later in the year giving their latest psyche-pop rock songs an airing.

Here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD of Yes or No, a single that’s a taster from their new album Long Slow Dance which is out in September. They describe the track as a kickass love song, but maybe there’s a little more to it. Bassist Shayde explains, “it was meant to be an anthem, but I guess you could say it was more desperate - the overwhelming desire to please someone and then feeling as though you have failed and being confused by that.”

Yes or No is also available on limited edition 7” White Vinyl along with Take Back The Night. Tim and Shayde told us about recording the album, and we’ll be putting the full interview up soon.