Tim Exile previews the Endlesss app

Tim Exile and team are previewing the exciting new music-making app and service they’ve been working on called Endlesss.


Music Tech

There have been some tantalising early private showcases of Endlesss, and now Tim Exile has launched a video of himself and Chagall jamming remotely live!

Designed to turn music-making into a conversation that everyone can take part in, Endlesss is aiming to be a fun, spontaneous, collaborative music-making tool.

The iOS app allows you to intuitively work on music, and save it - by making Rifffs. These are short snippets of music with multiple layers that can be created using built-in or external instruments.

Every time you add or remix layers a new Rifff is created, and they can be shared live with friends in a jam.

Tim Exile, Flow Machine - pic Terry Tyldesley

You can work on your phone or in your DAW, and export Rifffs as stems. Endlesss will also be available as a VST Plugin, and the full launch is planned for later this year.

Tim founded Endlesss in 2017, and the brilliant team of developers and collaborators is based in Somerset House, London, as residents of Music Hackspace.

He is also the inventor of the Flow Machine, a complete instrument for improvising electronic music.

For more information about Endlesss, and to register for early access, check out the Endlesss website.