Founded in the 40s in Japan, Casio is known for creating the world’s first electric compact calculator, as well as a range of other electrical goods. In the 80s their musical instruments, particularly synthesizers, became incredibly popular, and are now seen as being synonymous with that era. Today they manufacture a wide range of synths, keyboards and digital pianos.

Casio SK-8 Kit

A 32 key, lo-fi sampling keyboard. Popular for circuit-bending.

Casio PT-80 Kit

Mini synth with rhythm presets and auto chord

Casio CZ-101 Kit

A versatile and affordable 49 note mini keyboard synth.

Casio VL-1 Kit

Synth, sequencer and calculator!

Casio Casiotone 403 Kit

Vintage synth with tones that include ‘frog’

Casio Casiotone 101 Kit

Vintage synth with unusual presets

Casio PT-1 Kit

Rare vintage mini keyboard

Casio XW-P1 Kit

New performance synth with hex layer

Casio XW-G1 Kit

New groove synth with sampler

Casiotone MT-100 Kit

Mid 1980s keyboard with instrument patches and percussion

Casio SA-21 Kit

Vintage synth with lo-fi sounds used by dance bands and the dubstep community.