Laney Amplification

In the late sixties Lyndon Laney was a bassist playing the local circuit with the likes of Robert Plant and John Bonham. He decided to turn his hand to building amplifiers for friends in the back of his parents’ garden shed. Some of his first customers were local guitarists from Birmingham such as Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, who is still loyal to Laney to this day. Laney became known for its all-valve tone, and its original amplifiers are now highly sought after. As the demand for a heavier, more gain driven sound increased, Laney created amps that could keep up with this, without having to be modified after purchase like some of their competitors. To date, the Laney range has increased with new models being developed, but their sweet classic tones are all still there. Artists using Laney include Jayce Lewis, Beth Orton, Rob Holliday of The Prodigy and Sulpher, Will Sergeant of Echo and the Bunnymen, Clare Free, Killswitch Engage, Luke Crowther of The Rifles, Jim Barr of Portishead, and Mike Watt of Iggy and the Stooges.

Laney VH100R Kit

Versatile 100w amp head

Laney Ironheart Kit

Powerful stage amp with extra features

Laney Nexus Tube Bass Valve Amp Head Kit

Bass head with 400 Watts of power

Laney TI100 Tony Iommi Signature Amp Kit

Signature Tony Iommi amp head, specifically designed for hi-gain guitar.

Laney Nexus NX810 Bass Speaker Cabinet Kit

With 8 X 10 Celestion Neodymium Speakers

Laney GH50L Kit

50 watt amp head with big variety of tones

Laney Linebacker KB120 Kit

Good gigging 120w amp