Moog Music

Robert Moog was a pioneer of electronic music, and many see him as one of the fathers of the modern synthesizer. Coming from a background in electronics, in the 1950s he started experimenting with electrical musical instruments including theremins. With the advent of the transistor, the systems could be considerably smaller, cheaper and more reliable than previous tube-based versions. As the Moog synthesizer gained wider attention it was featured on many recordings such as The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ and Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Bookends’. However it wasn’t until the classical album ‘Switched-On Bach’ that the full possibilities of the Moog synth reached the public imagination, with many Moog versions of famous classical pieces. By the 70s, Moog synths were in widespread use, and were used by bands including Pink Floyd, Rush and Genesis. In response to its popularity, and relatively large size, the Minimoog was designed, its tonal variety in such a compact package became a distinctive and popular instrument. Today, Moog synthesizers are still revered for their classic, warm analog sounds, and countless artists make use of them both live and in the studio. Moog also make apps such as the Filtatron and Animoog.

Moog Prodigy Kit

An affordable analog synth, popular for bass.

Moog Animoog Kit

Intuitive Moog sounds for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Moog MiniMoog Kit

Smaller cousin to a classic synth, now an icon in its own right and reissued as Voyager

Moog Little Phatty Stage II Kit

New analog synth ideal for pros and beginners

Moog Minitaur Kit

A powerful and compact analog bass synthesizer

Moog Etherwave Theremin Plus Kit

A Theremin that can be used as a controller for other analog synths

Moog Filtatron Kit

A powerful app to sculpt sound on your iPhone, iPad and iTouch

Moog Opus 3 Kit

Vintage string/brass/organ polyphonic synth

Moog Rogue Kit

The Moog Rogue is a 1980s monophonic analog synthesizer