Ty in the studio

It was great to go to producer and rapper Ty’s creative nerve centre and film him with longtime musical partner/co-producer Drew Horley of The Lab Studios. Ty was saying hello to his mate Professor Green just as we arrived.

The new Ty EP ‘Kick Snare & An Idea’ has had amazing reviews and been playlisted on MTV Base and BBC 6 Music. Ty has previously been nominated for a Mercury Prize, and collaborated with artists such as De La Soul and Speech of Arrested Development. He is known for his versatility and thoughtful lyrics.

The interview was incredible, and Ty and Drew showed us round their jaw-dropping analogue synth collection. They also told us how they build their powerful yet soulful hip-hop tracks together, and work with artists such as rapper and poet Akala and grime MC Durrty Goodz.

We’ll get the videos out as soon as we can. Here’s Ty’s latest music promo - ‘Let’s Start’ from ‘Kick Snare & An Idea – Part Two’, released digitally on 10th June via Tru Thoughts.