Loud Women Volume One

Loud Women Volume One is a thrilling twenty-one track compilation that gets the punk rock party started. These tightly-packaged tunes from the UK’s most hotly-tipped female artists, are ready to explode out of your speakers. From anger as an energy, to shivers down spine moments, laughs out loud, ferocious guitars, and more punchlines than a week’s comedy programming, it is punk at its broadest and best. The album launch party is Saturday 18th March with artists including Lilith Ai, Madame So and deux furieuses, and with all profits going to Women’s Aid. You can order the CD here.

Loud Women Volume One is packed with great songs - here’s a selection.

The album kicks off with Dream Nails and the fabulous ‘DIY’ - an ode to, yes, doing it yourself, and with its glorious punk pop tones is still ear-worming us after seeing the band live at Loud Women Fest 2016.

Dream Nails at Loud Women Fest - pic Terry Tyldesley

Slinky angular guitar riffs infuse the Dolls’ ‘Audrey’, and there’s a perfect big chorus, while Petrol Girls’ ‘Touch Me Again’ is a ferocious blast of feminist post-hardcore, that plays with rhythm and structure - ‘touch me again and I’ll fucking kill you’.

Petrol Girls at Loud Women Fest - pic Terry Tyldesley

deux furieuses are at their visceral adrenaline-rush best with the dramatic ‘Out Of My System’, all huge guitars and thundering drums, and then there’s Ramones-esque ‘angry pop’ from IDestroy. Their track ‘IDestroy’ resonates with it’s ‘we’ve all been there’ break, “I’m angry and I like to be and when I‘m angry you should stay away from me”.

deux furieuses - pic Dan Donovan

Neatly taking apart an over-used phrase with her beguiling brand of hook-laden punk n roll, Madame So is glorious on ‘Black Is Beautiful’.

Then comes Bugeye’s ‘Hey You’ with a New Wave dance floor feel, with driving stabbing guitar and superbly distinctive vocals, DJs take note!

Madame So at Loud Women Fest - pic Terry Tyldesley

There’s a change of mood with Argonaut who really do send a shiver down the spine with their ‘Not Rich’, poignant, but never cloying and plenty badass enough.

As for The Wimmins’ Institute they slay with, ‘Nando’s’, a percussion-infused dating story. You have to check out the “Peri Peri promise”, the imagery will never leave you.

Lilith Ai’s ‘Riot’ is as compelling in its velvet vocals, as it is inspiring - “my heart says riot, riot, revolution”.

While the final track is a supremely powerful spoken word piece by poet Janine Booth called ‘Real Rape’, that everyone should hear.

No review can really do this package of energy and attitude justice. Go listen!