Tim Sheinman

Tim is a musician, teacher and occasional (ahem) entrepreneur living in East London. His band Look, Stranger! makes highly cerebral synth pop, which Tim sings in a smooth, yet manly falsetto voice. They have put out several EPs and singles to reasonable critical acclaim and utter popular derision. They are definitely going places.

In his spare time Tim is into following as much of the music tech world as is possible. While MIDI controllers may be of some concern, it is effects pedals that are his true love. He is addicted to those video reviews of pedals that guitar shops do through ridiculously expensive amps, thus making them completely useless. The perfect quest for tone has taken Tim to many strange locations, most recently the lonely American Midwest and Stevenage. If ever there was a man looking for love in all the wrong places, this is him. Additionally he is a committed fan of free improv, chess analysis and Melvyn Bragg.



Bringing boutique kit back to Britain

Guitars are very important to me. I have spent a large portion of my time and emotional energies in guitar stores, looking for the new, novel and personal. It is this fascination that brought me to Tim Van Tassel’s house in Golden Valley, Minnesota. My girlfriend’s family comes from Minneapolis and we were going to see them. Our journey planned for August, I picked up the phone and called Tim out of the blue. I said I was a fan of his work from England and wanted to help out, could we meet? He seemed keen though a little surprised and frankly I felt the same. I could sense that feeling familiar to guitar fiends of being reeled in on the hook that one has baited.