Founded by Orville Gibson in 1894 as a mandolin maker, the company soon became known for their archtop guitars. By the 1930s they were exploring electric instruments and they are seen as the makers of the first commercially successful electric guitar. In the 50s, working with a man called Les Paul, they made their own take on the solid body guitar. The Les Paul is now one of the most recognizable guitars in world, particularly in rock music. Gibson went on to produce more exotic and extreme guitars such as the Flying V and the SG, and can been seen being played by countless guitarists the world over.

Gibson Hummingbird Kit

Square-shouldered dreadnought acoustic with pedigree

Gibson Melody Maker Kit

Slim single coil guitar

Gibson SG Kit

Classic with thin fast neck and body

Gibson SG Special 60s Tribute Kit

A special edition of the popular SG guitar with P-90 pickups

Gibson ES-335 Kit

Legendary arched-top semi-acoustic electric

Gibson Les Paul Kit

Gibson’s most successful guitar ever. A rock classic.

Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway Kit

A 24 fret version of a classic guitar, with a double cutaway for extra access.